20. 9. 2012

London - LFW (vol. 1)

It doesn't need any other comment, I felt like I'm in heaven! I've never seen something similar before, and I loved it so so so much, so I hope you will love the photos I took for you =)

 Cara Delevingne

10. 9. 2012


I just haven't got time for blogging stuff right now. I even don't read other blogs properly as it's my habit... but I know that there will be time for blogosphere again, you know long loooong autumn/winter (bleh!) evenigs come to be terrible reality soon =/
This weekend I was at a wedding of my bf's friend and it was really amazing event;)=)
Aaaand tomorrow we're off to LONDON for five days - yaayyyii can't wait!!! and I hope for a good (sunny!) weather as well, so wish us luck ;)=)

 me and my darling at the wedding...
enjoying the last sunshine ;)

Have a great time lovelies! The next post will be from London♥

4. 9. 2012

A few photos from this weekend, we visited the near Krkonoše mountains with my bf. There grow such a lovely little plants as you can see above and I just love good macro floral photos;)
Aaand sorry for no post lately, but I'm not in "that" mood now, I'm starting new uni life in Prague and still have a summer job, so there's no time to dress up and take photos, but I'll be back properly when things calm down again and I'll get to my new routine;) =)
Have a great time and enjoy the refresh school time;)