26. 8. 2012

summer lusts

for those who still need some summer pieces ;) in case you're going on late holidays or living in hot climate zone - Topshop sale is HERE

23. 8. 2012

a little tomboy

 I quite like playing with my outfit a little bit when I've got a day off and my sister is home and she's willing to play with me behind the camera;)=)
Do you like these photos guys? =)
all from second hand except sandals from tesco (3 or so years old...)

22. 8. 2012


Sooo I've been shopping today, it's important to tell you that I really don't need ANYTHING (I've got enough of everything and I'm in strict process of saving right now ;)). So I've been there like an acompany my dear fried who had looong shoppinp list and I'm proud of us because we've both totally everything from the list and it's very rare in our case =D
Now to the subject of this post... It would not be me if I both absolutely nothing, so when I've sniffed this little parfume from Essence and then check the price (2,60 pounds) I must got it. It smell amazing, I've not sniff nothing so gorgeous like this for such a long time, it's a combo of citrus and slightly flower scent, fresh and lovely (just like me, haha). So far I haven't a clue that Essence does their own parfumes/toilettes, so it's a great fact, they've got five or so variations to choose from.

 ...aaand I've not finished with the parfume... and found something in SIX accesories too (and they gave me this totally cute receipt) !!!

yes, it's this stunning necklace, I love lilac and I love necklaces and for a qiud guys, seriously not to buy, it can't be possible =D

Yep, that's it, I enjoyed the shopping today and I didn't ruin my saving process, win win! =) 

with ♥ Your Josefina

21. 8. 2012

vintage lace

Hi guys, this is me again... my work week ends today so I decide to do this post to celebrate it a little =D
This amazing top (at least I see it amazing! =D) is another barganious piece from second hand, I mean that I cost some unbeliveable funny price something about 40p and it's quite suble think I mean, it can be worn just like that or with the various vest underneath, it's up to you... the next time I'll try to tuck it into a pants or leggings, it should look good;)=)
are here anybody else in love with lace? =D *little stupid questin here.... =D

leggings Zara, shoes Reno, bra h&m, bag and scarf and TOP second hand

20. 8. 2012

random RADOOOM =D

yes, there is another bunch of random photos, mainly food, because everybody is "randomly" taking photos of his meals... am I right? =D bloggers just do it, don't you? =)

 my bf's nan party and her cakes...
 afternoon snacking on the sunny balcony
 my little glitter cutie darling! =* he loves sleeping in  my pillows =)
 my noticeboard... I'm a little proud of... =)
 new victoria plimsolls from Italy, they cost me mere 15 euros (win win!) *please don't care about the little shit on the left sice of the photo =/ =D
 rocket salad with "balsýr" (special czech type of the Greek kind cheese) *I love it*
 do you know something better to do in sunny summer than eating cold watermelon? I don't ♥
 Fight club - highly recommend
 baking in process...
 and it resulted in a CUPCAKE (my first one ever! =))
tomatoes planted in a garden (*the best!*) plus mozarella plus cucumber (from the garden too) plus black olives (from Lidl!) plus olive oil, balsamico vinger and salt - YUMMY!

16. 8. 2012


  1. simple skater skirt, black or navy blue - perfect girlie key piece for autumn and uni (of course =D)
  2. basic black wallet/purse, miu miu is not necessary, but I couldn't fine any cheaper one which would be so plain
  3. omg I've found them today morning and I must admit I've fallen in love with them, aren't they gorgeous, yep they're awesome and classy, but I mean that I will never ever can't afford them =/ (fortunatelly we can have a dream =D)
  4. peplum top in dark shade for dark autumnal days and nights out
  5. another must have basic - white shirt 
  6. army boots are somenthing I'm lusting after for such a long time
  7. aaand finally biker boots with hot trendy studs, omg they're adorable!
and what are your wishes for the next season lovelies? =)

15. 8. 2012

sheer + crochet

blouse, bag vintage, shorts h&m, flats topshop ♥ and sunnies cheap monday
I love summer, and even just thinking about the winter and coldness and these aweful stuff absolutely scares me... meh, why it can't be summer whole year, maybe summer and spring, summer and spring....mmmm would be GREAT!!! =D

14. 8. 2012

vintage cropped vest and sweater, topshop skinny and flats, primark bag and sunnies, headband h&m

...and my dog, of course, he's a little awesome cutie=*

13. 8. 2012

dip dye

call it like you want... hombre or dip dye, I love them! this shorts are my no. 1 for this summer, highwaisted, comfy, bohemian style, edgy... just perfect;)=)
ps: they're a DIY project of mine =)

10. 8. 2012


I know guys that we in "our blogosphere" are curious and nosy to know what others eat. I'm not an exception, I love food posts and a huge amount of the "what I had in restaurant" photos on instagram, so I collect the photos of my diet for a few days for you guys, so enjoy and bon appetite! =)

 breakfast, try crispbred plus cottage cheesse plus chopped babana plus flax and sesame seeds (with carrot and apple salad)
 homemade pizza quatro formaggi by me
 breakfast love =D
 have a snack!
 another breakfast...
 I love this combo: rocket, corn, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, balsamic vinegar ♥
 yep guys, this is breakfast again =D
 you know what...b*** ♥
 grepfruit lover, here I am...

7. 8. 2012

denim jacket

Good Tuesday morning lovelies, how do you enjoy your holidays? =) I'm doing all that relax and lazy stuff like sleeping, reading, watching film etc...
...and browsing blogs, of course... the other day I read this post by the beutiful czech blogger about denim jacket and I was inspired to make this outfit;) 

 jacket, top, flip flops h&m (too much h&m's in this look... hehe =D) bag second hand, sunnies cheap monday
omg! I don't know this girl indeed =D