10. 9. 2012


I just haven't got time for blogging stuff right now. I even don't read other blogs properly as it's my habit... but I know that there will be time for blogosphere again, you know long loooong autumn/winter (bleh!) evenigs come to be terrible reality soon =/
This weekend I was at a wedding of my bf's friend and it was really amazing event;)=)
Aaaand tomorrow we're off to LONDON for five days - yaayyyii can't wait!!! and I hope for a good (sunny!) weather as well, so wish us luck ;)=)

 me and my darling at the wedding...
enjoying the last sunshine ;)

Have a great time lovelies! The next post will be from London♥

7 komentářů:

  1. No to je krásný příspěvek! :)

  2. Moc krásne fotky ... moc vám to pristane ... vyzeráš krásne a tie vlásky máš čoraz dlhšie ...

  3. Londýn ti hrozitánsky závidím a fotka ze svatby je nádherná! :)

  4. This looks great, really nice style and great photos.
    I'd love if you'd have time to check out my blog,
    maybe follow each other if we aren't already...


  5. krásné fotky, moc vám to sluší)