22. 8. 2012


Sooo I've been shopping today, it's important to tell you that I really don't need ANYTHING (I've got enough of everything and I'm in strict process of saving right now ;)). So I've been there like an acompany my dear fried who had looong shoppinp list and I'm proud of us because we've both totally everything from the list and it's very rare in our case =D
Now to the subject of this post... It would not be me if I both absolutely nothing, so when I've sniffed this little parfume from Essence and then check the price (2,60 pounds) I must got it. It smell amazing, I've not sniff nothing so gorgeous like this for such a long time, it's a combo of citrus and slightly flower scent, fresh and lovely (just like me, haha). So far I haven't a clue that Essence does their own parfumes/toilettes, so it's a great fact, they've got five or so variations to choose from.

 ...aaand I've not finished with the parfume... and found something in SIX accesories too (and they gave me this totally cute receipt) !!!

yes, it's this stunning necklace, I love lilac and I love necklaces and for a qiud guys, seriously not to buy, it can't be possible =D

Yep, that's it, I enjoyed the shopping today and I didn't ruin my saving process, win win! =) 

with ♥ Your Josefina

4 komentáře:

  1. Taky jsem netušila, že essence dělá parfémy

  2. kde jsi koupila ten náhrdnelník? Je krásný.K.

  3. skvělej náhrdelník;) a tu vůni musim očmuchat:)