4. 8. 2012

Tuesday view through

 1. my leopard print linen 2. 6:30 time to get up! =D (I get up early every day, it's a habit) 3. breakfast♥
 4. back from shop with a bag full of food 5. my purchase 6. reading and snacking...
7. favourite home tee + denim shorts = walk with my lovely dog =) 8. snack 9. before-sleep book

I've always wanted to try this type of post =) I love them on other blogs, so enjoy! =) xx

aaand I tag everyone who read this to do the same one;)=)
(so let me your links below darlings!)

1 komentář:

  1. vstávat v půl sedmý? blázne! :D do práce vstávám v sedm a i to mi dělá potíže :DDD