21. 8. 2012

vintage lace

Hi guys, this is me again... my work week ends today so I decide to do this post to celebrate it a little =D
This amazing top (at least I see it amazing! =D) is another barganious piece from second hand, I mean that I cost some unbeliveable funny price something about 40p and it's quite suble think I mean, it can be worn just like that or with the various vest underneath, it's up to you... the next time I'll try to tuck it into a pants or leggings, it should look good;)=)
are here anybody else in love with lace? =D *little stupid questin here.... =D

leggings Zara, shoes Reno, bra h&m, bag and scarf and TOP second hand

8 komentářů:

  1. Wheeeee, lacey! Do I even need to say anything?:D I can't believe you find these things in second hand shops, wish we had them here. Charity shops (well the one shop) is pretty poop here in Brum:( The sleeves are gorge! xx

  2. bájo outfit!:)Kristýnka

  3. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuj! strasné, že sa nehanbíš.
    zle zladené s kabelkou a aj šatkou... o tom ale ani nehovoríím!
    to tričko je až veľmi priesvitne, a tie legíny k tomu.. lacné..